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Origin unfolds across two timelines. 60% of a given episode takes place on the Origin, a ship built by the powerful Siren corporation that is transporting colonists to a distant and habitable planet called Thea. The other 40% is comprised of flashbacks to the various colonists’ lives on Earth, exploring why they decided to drop everything, leave their lives behind, and journey into the great unknown. As you’d imagine, the cast of characters (engineers, doctors, criminals) all had a damn good reason to want a fresh start…and as you’d also imagine, that fresh start hits a brick wall on board the Origin, where things go terribly wrong. 11 of the colonists wake up and find their massive, maze-like, and inexplicably lit-like-a-haunted-house spaceship (shades of both Event Horizon and Alien here) completely abandoned. Something bad happened and the vast majority of the crew and passengers took off in escape pods. What happened? Why was this group left behind? And what is on the ship with them? Cue screaming, running, and lots of goo dripping from ceilings. The core cast includes a few familiar faces, especially for those well-versed in geekery. Tom Felton, better known to millions as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, plays an American drug dealer looking for a second chance in space. Natalia Tena, known for roles in Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, plays a PTSD-stricken, gun-loving woman of mystery. Fraser James is a geneticist forced to play doctor to the fellow colonists and Nora Arnezeder is a Siren-employed engineer. However, the focus of the footage screened for the Comic-Con crowd was a character played by Sen Mitsuji, a Japanese Yakuza who flees Earth to escape violence and only ends up finding more.

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